Investing in the final frontier: Grit Space Capsule from SPIRAC

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SPIRAC manufactured a grit space capsule that has successfully and safely passed testing. 

The capsule is designed to protect grit against intense organics buildup as it plunges back towards earth. The grit makes a nail-biting entry into the grit capsule before it utilises a multi-stage washing process to remove organics and other larger, lower density objects.

The capsule creates a fluidised bed where the lighter organic particles are separated from the dense grit particles. The grit space capsule got pressure and level sensors to guarantee safe operation. This private manufactured grit space capsule will be used in the wastewater sphere for orbital grit wash, and suborbital grit cleaning. In 2019 the improved grit washing system was tested at our workshop in Perth, Australia and after the grit fluidized squeaky clean grit emerged. 

By now you probably figured out that this article isn't about space exploration but grit washing. The grit space capsule is part of our improved SANDWASH unit. We installed dozens of SANDWASH units since and received positive feedback from our clients. All visible organics on the grit have been removed, the organic content residue in grit is typically lower than 5%. The dry solids of washed and dewatered grit - typically 75% to 85%.

 At SPIRAC we aspire to improve our equipment to exceed customer expectations. If you are looking for grit washing equipment, talk to one of our experienced engineers. Click here to contact us.