FINEGUARD screens - reliable moving fine screens for a wide range of flows with exceptional Screen Capture Ratio

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The FINEGUARDTM screen continually moves panels from the screening zone, in the channel in front of the equipment, to the two-stage panel cleaning process mechanism where the waste is removed from the perforated panels. Each stainless steel panel has a replaceable side seal manufactured from wear-resistant Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) to guarantee strength and rigidity. FINEGUARDTM guarantees High Screenings Capture Ratio’s (SCR%) to comparable screens. A 3mm perforated panel has a certified average SCR of 89%. Maintaining and servicing the FINEGUARDTM is simple, the screen can be moved forward and hinged out of the flow for maintenance purposes. Choosing the right screen can be difficult, however with our wide range of advanced screening products, you can be sure to get the right screen for your plant. SPIRAC, guarding your downstream wastewater equipment. Click here for more FINEGUARDTM information, video and projects.