Project Milestone achievement: Sludge conveying and handling equipment recently installed at Al Manfouha WWTP

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This project includes shaftless spiral conveyor systems and four round silos with sliding frames. Each of these four large silos has an effective net volume of 840m3 and was manufactured by Permastore. The silos are fed with sludge by a network of inclined and vertical shaftless spiral conveyors. At the bottom of each silo are three sliding frames that move the sludge towards the extraction screw conveyor. The frames work as an extraction system that allows the sludge to be discharged from the bottom of the round silo. Usually, sludge can easily block the bottom of a silo by forming a bridge of material. The action of the hydraulically driven sliding frames breaks any bridges that may form over the extraction shaftless spiral and pulls the material toward the center of the silo. The project will be commissioned this year and is going to be operational beginning of 2021.