Multi-million dollar municipal wastewater and sewage plant construction projects demand the very best world-class technology to ensure efficient, long-term high performance

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Our technology for specialised screening, grit and sludge handling solutions was called for South East Water’s Boneo Wastewater Recycling Plant. We have manufacturing and technical support facilities in Australia, Europe and USA providing premium quality solids handling solutions for both municipal and industrial wastewater.

Four, 15m3 SPIROTAINER®s auto-filling, containers and a grit conveyor were supplied to the site for installation on the project. The SPIROTAINER® is a container system capable of both containment and road transport and is a durable and efficient solution for solids materials handling. At Boneo, wet screenings and dewatered grit will be contained in the SPIROTAINER® units, The equipment was supplied to the Joint Venture with a guide frame and retractable chutes, foul air connection and ultrasonic level sensors to prevent material overfilling and spillage. A key component in the SPIROTAINER® is a shaftless spiral conveyor. The shaftless spiral conveyors feature a heavy-duty spiral, specially cold-formed from high tensile micro- alloy steel available only from Sweden, which rides on an DURAFLO® SPX liner, developed to provide maximum hardness and life expectancy with low friction. This arrangement eliminates hanger bearings and allows for high trough fill rates and handling of larger objects. The spiral strength allows for low RPM-high torque operation, virtually eliminating blockages, surges and nuisance trips.