SPIRAC wins design and manufacturing of the Pre Treatment Area for the Sarina Water Recycling Facility


SPIRAC will provide a prefabricated package treatment plant for the SWRF Preliminary Treatment Area (PTA). The PTA assembly will be prefabricated by SPIRAC in Australia and transported to site in such a manner that it minimizes installation.


The plant was designed so that it can be supported on galvanised steel support beams elevated approximately 5m above ground level, to enable flows to gravitate through downstream process units. The SPIRAC grit pump, SPIRAC grit classifier and SPIRAC Mini washer will be installed on a concrete slab at ground level where else the SAVI Drum Screens, SPIRAC Screenings Conveyor and SPIRAC Grit Vortex will be installed elevated. We love challenging assignments and we take pleasure in helping our clients to build sustainable solutions for the future.