Three crucial levels of grit handling

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One of the steps in the wastewater treatment process is the removal of grit - in highly mechanised facilities, knowing you have the right equipment for the job is very important.

There are a number of levels involved in grit handling, and SPIRAC provides solutions which correspond to each aspect of the operation. Collection, classification and washing are three of the key steps along the journey, so here is some information on how our equipment is deployed at each of these stages.

Collection with the Grit Vortex

One of the steps in wastewater grit handling is the collection of high-density particles for easy removal. SPIRAC's Grit Vortex unit features a rotary impeller that drives larger material to the perimeter of a circular tank, where it then settles and awaits extraction with a grit pump or airlift blower.

SPIRAC provides solutions which correspond to each aspect of the grit removal process.

The constant rotation of the Grit Vortex separates the majority of grit from the wastewater, allowing it to be conveniently blown or pumped from a chamber for further processing downstream.

Classification with the SANDSEP®

Following the initial collection stage, industrial wastewater may next pass into a classifier for further separation of grit and other pollutants. The SANDSEP® is designed to allow solids to settle at the bottom of the unit, with an inclined shaftless spiral conveyor transporting materials slowly out of the classifier - and the treatment process.

Keeping turbulence to a minimum at both the inlet and and discharge stage is essential for greater handling efficiency, so the SANDSEP® keeps its speed at around 5 RPM to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted process.

Washing with the SANDWASH

For a more complete grit capturing and washing solution, the SANDWASH can be used alongside the SPIRAC Grit Vortex to ensure removal of any unacceptable organic material which exists on wastewater grit. Like the SANDSEP®, the SANDWASH is built to minimise interruptions in the wastewater handling process, with an intermediate stirrer preventing blockages at the discharge point. 

With a conveyor-driven outlet easily attached to SPIRAC's SPIROTAINER®, removal of all material once it has been collected is highly manageable. Simply disconnect the SPIROTAINER® for transportation to the disposal location, and return to your facility once the unit has been emptied. 

SPIRAC has all of the wastewater treatment equipment you need to run a streamlined, efficient facility. Get in touch today for more advice about our customisable solutions. 

Removing grit is a critical part of wastewater treatment.