Understanding your screening options

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When it comes to wastewater systems, each organisation has unique needs. Capacities and channel attributes will be an important consideration when choosing the correct equipment.

SPIRAC has a variety of customisable municipal screening solutions for whatever demands your facility may have. Before you settle on the right equipment to be installed on site, it pays to understand the differences between the options, and which are best suited. 

The screen is the first step in wastewater management.

The screen is the first step in the wastewater handling process. Designed to remove any solids that may be present in wastewater, the system not only eases the passage of substances through the remainder of the process, but also protects downstream equipment from damage and blockage caused by inorganic objects.


For an all-purpose solution, the SPIROGUARD® Screen is an excellent choice for many facilities. Combining the key functions of a material handling system into a single compact unit, the SPIROGUARD® not only removes solids but also features conveying and dewatering, making it an effective starting point.

Bringing together SPIRAC's unique shaftless screw conveyor and our high-quality screens, the SPIROGUARD® CS Screen system is an efficient solution for many industries.

The SPIROGUARD® CC screen, meanwhile, is suited for standalone operations. Slow speeds and minimal moving parts mean reliability and efficiency is optimised, and the nature of the shaftless screw ensures that blockages are unlikely to be an issue.


For facilities with heavier demands on equipment, the STEPGUARD® is a self-cleaning system built to be mounted within a tank or in a channel and separate over-size solids from material. SPIRAC's specialised technology allows for the finest screens on the market, with a heavy-duty motor providing a long lifespan and impressive durability. 

Able to move anything from 50 to 2,200 litres per second, the STEPGUARD® Screen automatically filters out any unwanted material without jamming. The large free area of a STEPGUARD® allows for high flow rates in small channels.


As a high-efficiency municipal screening system used in sewage treatment plants the world over, the BANDGUARD is a reliable choice. Designed for small to medium sized inlet works with a flexible throughput up to 750 litres per second with perforations from to 2mm to 6mm. Screening is achieved by passing the sewage through a vertical band shaped screen curtain, compromising an assembly of plastic perforated panels, mounted into stainless steel frames fastened to conveyor chains which form two loops.

The wastewater enter the inside of the screen curtain where solids are retained and transported out of the flow by driving the band, moving the dirty panels from the screening zone to the panel cleansing area.

Designed for facilities with deeper channels, the BANDGUARD also benefits from reducing maintenance costs. Your materials handling can proceed without interruptions caused by regular repairs of blockages.


Facilities with the need for a perforated 2mm screen will choose the DRUMGUARD fine screen. Featuring a rotating cylindrical body, the DRUMGUARD can be either placed in a suitable channel, or lowered completely into a stainless-steel tank.

A hopper at the centre of the unit collects screenings moved by the rotation of the drum, so separating and removing material is simplified. Meanwhile, high-pressure nozzles will spray the filter to ensure it stays clear, meaning there's less chance of build-up and minimal maintenance requirements. 

For the DRUMGUARD in particular, it's important to speak to the experts to ensure the system is right for your facility. SPIRAC has all the know-how and experience to help customise a solution, no matter the industry. Give them a call today.