Water Intake Screening

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SPIRAC was asked to install four DRUMGUARDTM units in an existing river water intake (RWI) where there are two intake buildings (IPS1 & IPS2 Inlet Pumping Station) which are used to pump water to a nearby reservoir. 

Each building had two Cup screens that were over 40 years old and needed to be replaced by four DRUMGUARD cup screens with adaptations to be fish-friendly. Two screens have been installed and two still need to be delivered. The two remaining DRUMGUARDTM screens were put on hold as the site was unable to meet the demand on water intake for the reservoir levels. The two remaining screens are being manufactured and are going to be installed in the second water intake building by the end of the year.

DRUMGUARDTM Cup units specifications: 

  • Diameter of the drum: 5300 mm
  • Channel width: 2600 mm
  • Channel depth: 4800 mm
  • Effective width of screen: 1500 mm
  • Design flow per Screen: 578.5 l/s
  • Depth of water at design flow: 2149 mm
  • Perforation diameter: 5mm perforated sheet
  • Raking speed - Rotary speed 3 m/min approx.
  • Wash Water requirement - 6 l/s @ 3 Bar