When to use horizontal, vertical or inclined conveyors

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As you might expect in the field of material handling systems, having equipment that can adapt to your organisation's unique needs is critical. Not every location is identical, and to make your solution run smoothly an array of different configurations may be needed.

For that reason, SPIRAC offers various options with its shaftless screw conveyors - horizontal, vertical and inclined. Each have their place in a material handling facility, so when should each type be used?

Horizontal conveyors

Moving materials from one place to another is the core objective for a conveyor. When the point of origin and the destination are at an equal level, a horizontal shaftless screw conveyor is most efficient piece of equipment available.

Able to be installed on the floor, at waist level for easy maintenance or even suspended in the air, SPIRAC's horizontal conveyor is designed to transport the most difficult materials.

SPIRAC's horizontal conveyor is designed to transport the most difficult materials.

Vertical conveyors

In some situations, it's necessary to transport materials upwards rather than outwards. In facilities with limited space, for example, sometimes taking some of the system up is the only solution when expansion is required, as floor space is at a premium.

Unlike with a horizontal conveyor, however, gravity is a factor when moving material. SPIRAC's vertical shaftless screw conveyors feature breaks in the liner to provide resistance points along the way, helping to prevent the formation of rotating plugs and encouraging the material to move vertically. If your facility needs to take materials to a higher level, a vertical conveyor is an ideal choice. 

Inclined conveyors

Falling somewhere between the horizontal and vertical options, inclined conveyors are capable of approximately 45 degrees of elevation through hopper feeding, or steeper with force feeding. Whether as a connecting solution between two levels of horizontal conveyor, or a less steep means of upward material handling, an inclined shaftless screw conveyor is a suitable middle ground for many facilities. 

Featuring the U-trough arrangement of a horizontal conveyor for angles up to 30 degrees, the inclined conveyor switches to the OK-trough of a vertical system at 30-90 degrees. 

Whatever the layout and configuration of your material handling facility, SPIRAC has the shaftless screw conveyor solution to meet your requirements. Speak to us today for advice about when to use horizontal, vertical or inclined conveyors. 

A variety of conveyors may be required for your material handling.A variety of conveyors may be required for your material handling.