The benefits of shaftless screw conveyors for wastewater

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Solids handling systems are critical for the process industries. Every day, organisations dealing with an uninterrupted flow of material need to ensure there's no unplanned equipment downtime. Simultaneously, these businesses must effectively contain odour and mess.

This is where the unique features of Shaftless Screw Conveying Systems from SPIRAC can prove especially useful. When designing a new wastewater material handling system, these solutions should rank high in the consideration list.

Unplanned equipment downtime can often mean significant delays for a process plant business.

Low RPM and low power usage

Unplanned equipment downtime can often mean significant delays. This is where reliable equipment can play an important role.

Reliability often comes from simplicity, and Shaftless Screw Conveying Systems from SPIRAC operate at a very low RPM, meaning components have a long life expectancy. This low RPM also reduces power usage - key for greater energy savings.

Reduced maintenance requirements

When compared with traditional materials conveying methods, these systems require very little maintenance. This is attributable to the shaftless spiral, which is constructed out of extremely durable HTMAS (High Tensile Mircoalloyed Steel). Over the long term, this reduced need for maintenance means businesses can focus on improving other areas of operations.

Spillage elimination

Shaftless Screw Conveying Systems from SPIRAC are, along with being easy to maintain and reliable, also extremely space-efficient.

Wastewater spilling outside of a conveying system can often prove a serious health hazard for employees. These systems utilise elastomeric seals and gaskets to ensure there's no risk of spillage. 


Shaftless Screw Conveying Systems from SPIRAC have a small footprint and make excellent use of available space, ensuring there's minimal impact on the site.

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A reliable materials handling system for the process industries starts with the right equipment. This means considering solutions available from SPIRAC.

To learn more about the range of available systems and how to get started with them, get in touch today.