Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant Reaches Key Milestone with First FINEGUARD Screen Installation

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The Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant Inlet Work Upgrade has reached a significant milestone with the installation of the first of the new screens. After a year of structural concrete work to construct the new inlet channels, the project has now moved to the major mechanical equipment installation phase.

The screen, designed by SPIRAC to remove solids from the wastewater stream, is the first of eight to be installed. Each screen is an impressive 6.2 meters high and 2.5 meters wide, capable of processing 210 megalitres of raw sewage per day, equivalent to over 2400 liters per second. This first installation follows an 18-month design and procurement process, with the screens being built in the UK and shipped to Australia earlier this year.

Mechanical and electrical fit-out will continue in the coming months, with the initial handover to SA Water scheduled for late 2024.