Goondiwindi - SPIRAC provides complete inlet works package

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The Goondiwindi Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) plant was constructed in the late 1960’s.
While the quality of water supplied for irrigation of the golf course and race track is generally fit for purpose, the treated effluent that is discharged to the environment requires upgrade to reduce concentrations of suspended solids.

The new plant is designed to accommodate 139l/s PWWF with internal bypass and stop board systems. At the head of the plant the step screens and the miniwasher extract screenings material, wash, press and discharge to a bin. Grit is captured via the vortex system where it is transferred to a grit washer unit for cleaning and discharged to a separate bin.

The majority of equipment is being manufactured in Perth, Australia and transported in components to site for assembly.

SPIRAC have secured the order for the design and supply of the complete mechanical inlet works package. This consists of:

The plant is expected to be operational early in 2014.