Cellulosic Sludge Handling and Dewatering for the first full-scale fine screening installation in the Netherlands

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Aarle-Rixtel WWTP, Netherlands, 2016 -  An increase in sewage at the wastewater treatment plant in Aarle-Rixtel, made it necessary to upgrade the plant to boost capacity. Instead of a costly traditional expansion BWA chose a more sustainable solution.

They installed ten fine screens that retrieve 5.000kg of cellulose fibers daily. This screening process relieves the purification process and allows more sewage than previously to be handled. The cellulose recovered from toilet paper is captured in large containers and can be recycled.



SPIRAC in collaboration with BWA was asked to provide a system that can handle cellulosic sludge  from toilet paper tissue from 10 belt screens and dewater them from 8% Dried Solids (DS) to 30 - 50% DS. The customized SPIROPRESS® 365 is able to dewater 2m3/hr and has got a max. capacity to handle 17,5m3/hr. without dewatering.

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1. 2x SPIROPRESS® SP365 customized

2. 2x U355 receiving shaftless conveyors

3. U420 transfer conveyor

4. U420 outloading shaftless conveyor