Choosing the Appropriate Outloading Method for a Sludge Silo: Sliding-Frame vs. Live-Bottom

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When it comes to selecting a suitable outloading method for a sludge silo, there are two primary options to consider: Sliding-Frame and Live-Bottom. Each method has its distinct features and advantages, and the choice depends on the specific requirements of your material handling system. Let's delve into the characteristics of these two options:

Sliding-Frame Silos:

SPIRAC's Sliding-Frame Silos, available in both rectangular and round configurations, are designed to prevent the accumulation of bulk material at the bottom of the silo. This method utilizes a hydraulic frame that effectively breaks up any material blockages or bridges, facilitating the flow towards a discharge point within the silo. Sliding-Frame Silos are particularly suitable for handling non-free-flowing materials such as solid waste, wood chips, and dewatered sludge. They offer a simple operation with minimal moving parts, ensuring low maintenance requirements, reliable performance, and energy efficiency.

Live-Bottom Silos:

SPIRAC's Live-Bottom Silos are specifically designed to handle challenging sticky materials, making them an ideal choice for the wastewater industry and for the storage, transfer, and outloading of dewatered sludge. Unlike the Sliding-Frame Silo, the Live-Bottom Silo incorporates multiple spiral screws (usually ranging from two to eight) that work in tandem to prevent material bridges and blockages from forming. These silos operate at a low RPM, minimizing wear and maintenance needs. Routine inspections are typically only required every 5-10 years, and the components can last up to 20 years, ensuring long-term durability.

SPIRAC's Silo Offerings:

SPIRAC offers both Sliding-Frame and Live-Bottom Silos in sizes up to 1,000 cubic meters, constructed with high-spec mild or stainless steel. Additionally, corrosion protection options are available to cater to various industry requirements.

To determine the most suitable silo solution for your facility's material handling system, talk to us. Ensure optimal storage equipment for your material handling system. We can provide you with further information and guidance regarding silos and outloading methods tailored to your specific needs.