Improved COMBIGUARD Type 1 Models dispatched to American and Australian WWTP

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The improved COMBIGUARD® Type 1 is a combination of SPIROGUARD® CC our shaftless spiral conveyor screen mounted on a SANDSEP® Long (SAL), a rectangular tank with horizontal & incline conveyors for small to midsize Wastewater Treatment Plants.  SPIROGUARD® CC Screen is designed for pump-fed applications. Ideally suited as a tanker reception facilitator screening separation unit, it is robust and easy to install. With only one moving part, this unit is virtually maintenance-free. Slow-speed combined with automatic intermittent operation ensures a reliable and efficient system.

The SANDSEP® Long (SAL) is a highly efficient unit designed to separate grit and other pollutants from process and effluent streams. The SAL tank has an aeration system installed to keep organics in suspension. The design of the inlet section reduces turbulence to a minimum and creates an optimum flow pattern for efficient settling.